Behind the scenes of blooming a new brand.

Brilliant banking.

The future is powered by the visionaries of today - those people, who when faced with a challenge, see an array of opportunities, not limitations. Whether it’s a scientific breakthrough, a new technology, or societal progress, they come prepared: Informed by history. Inspired by possibility. Driven to discover.

At Spectra Credit Union, our founders were scientists at the Naval Research Laboratory. And while we may not explore galaxies or delve into the seas, they still inspire us to stay on a constant journey to find better, faster, stronger solutions to empower your financial well-being.

Our name reflects the diverse community we serve and our goal to provide a wide range of banking options for members from all walks of life. Trust our financial formula to build a more vibrant future. Because we’ve got banking down to a science.

The Symbol


The Spectra symbol was created by combining the letter 'S' with a vibrant geometric design inspired by the color spectrum one would see when light passes through a prism. The tiled pattern is made up of triangles, which are a symbol of unity, stability, and strength.

Dark Teal