Sneak Peek of our new Debit and Credit Cards

Bringing the Spectra brand to life with new plastics was a great deal of fun.

Sneak Peek of our new Debit and Credit Cards

Check out a quick sneak peek of our new cards below. 

Note: These new cards will not automatically be issued with the name change. Your current NRLFCU debit and credit cards will continue to work until they expire. At that time you will be sent a new card with the Spectra brand. If you would like to receive an updated card before your current one expires you may do so at any time after October 12.
The Spectra Consumer Debit Card
The Spectra Business Debit Card

The Spectra Platinum Secured Credit Card

The Spectra Max Cash Credit Cards

The Spectra Business Credit Card

To get a new debit card after October 12, call us at 800-526-6661 and we will order one for you. You can also visit any of our branches and we can issue a new debit card instantly. Please note, this may impact any recurring debits or payments that were set up using your existing card. 

To get a new credit card after October 12, please contact our credit card servicing company, Elan Financial Services, at 1-800-558-3424.

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